Dear Chocolover,

Let’s write a healthy bit of history together and help people eating some real good quality chocolate for a change. We have a plan: to produce and provide more delicious, guilt free, safe and reasonably priced rawfood and superfood chocolate delicacies. And at the same time create a happier, safer and more beautiful world around us! When you eat our chocolates, you enjoy a great taste, and at the same time you contribute to making the world a little bit better.  

How's that possible?

Because the ingredients of our chocolate are organic and sustainably produced. All our products are free of refined sugars, gluten, dairy, additives, flavourings and other artificial additives. Moreover, they’re made with real, raw, unroasted, fermented cocoa beans, so you can truly experience that famous RAW CHOCOLATE BUZZ!

On top of that we know where our ingredients come from, because we check the cocoa trees with our own eyes! 
We can guarantee they are sustainably grown, in organic plantations and lovingly cared for by experienced and skilful people! Therefore we can proudly say: Chocodelic chocolate products are responsibly sourced and safe to eat. 

Chocodelic B.V. is growing, and we need your help, let us tell you how you can make a difference regarding:

A) Growth in stock volumes... supply the demand of a larger audience, more stock of our super special snacks needs to be easily accessible.
As you may all know, rawfood and superfood products are the fastest growing category in the food industry at this moment and as a result the demand for Chocodelic products is also growing fast. Five years ago, Chocodelic started its business as a pioneer in the Netherlands, and is still contributing to the development of the rawfood- and superfood snack category. Chocodelic BV, as a company, co-created the rawfood / superfood shelf plan in the organic shops (including Ekoplaza). Over time, we have gained a lot of trust from our customers to whom we still guarantee premium, artisan, guilt free and safe products. To effectively supply this demand, minimum stock levels and a constant supply is needed, which in turn requires financial backing. 

  B) Growth of product range... extend the popular Chocodelic raw chocolate range of snacks and
  We are yet again ready to release new and delicious rawfood snacks to
  complement our existing range of Chocodelic products.
  In December 2013, right before Christmas, we launched our first raw Choco  
  Bonbon and the feedback was so good, that we decided to develop more
  delicious flavours. 
  At the same time, we are working on other guilt free chocolate snacks. Our
  goal is that before the end of this year, we will all be eating more new variations
  of our successfully released Chocodelic delicacies, underneath the Christmas

What is our philosopy?

The philosophy at Chocodelic is to work together with experts and enthusiastic specialists, to help us create quality chocolates and who are involved in every part of the process to ensure quality at every level of product development.
We worked in partnership with real rawfood experts, for example, Sandra de Vos from LekkerRaw, who developed the Choco Coco Bonbons together with us.

For these recipes, we then source the ingredients from reliable, certified producers. After we are happy and have found the perfect balance between taste and ingredients, production can begin. Our Chocodelic Choco bonbon production facility is housed in a beautiful and naturally preserved area, where the water that we use is still crystal clear and unpolluted. 

How does Chocodelic B.V. operate?

Chocodelic B.V. operates as a distributor, mainly in the Benelux, and several other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France.
Our products are sold and delivered to retail, wholesale, internet shops and the food service industry, and this is done by representing brands such as CHOCOdelic raw chocolate, Ombar, Pulsin’, Rawbite and Beond.

What do we need to succeed?

We need an extra finance of €50.000,- to be able to:

A. Work on developing the new products (in cooperation with Sandra de Vos /
B. Pre finance ingredients for the production of the new products
C. Pre finan

What do we offer?


If you have any furter questions, you can contact us at:
Please feel free to forward this opportunity to all your Choco Loving Friends. Thank you!

On behalf of the Chocodelic team, I wish you a great day!

Irene van Herwerden
Director and owner Chocodelic B.V.